Popcorn Sales and Other Fundraising Activities



The fact is that fees and dues cover only a small portion of the real cost of your child’s Scouting experience. The rest comes through charitable donations and fundraising activities.

Some fundraising is done by your district and by the Great Smoky Mountain Council — the annual golf tournament, for example, and several annual fundraising dinners. Your child’s Pack, Troop, or Crew also participates actively in raising funds to help offset the cost of activities and equipment. Fundraising not only helps your unit, it also helps teach youth about personal management and self-reliance.


Every Fall, Scouts in the Great Smoky Mountain Council sell popcorn, by taking orders from family, friends, and neighbors and by selling directly (“show and sell”) at pre-approved locations, like neighborhood grocery stores. Top sellers can earn exciting prizes. As the parent of a Scout, chances are you’ll end up eating a lot of popcorn over the winter as well as helping your Scout with transportation, record keeping, and setting up to show and sell

Unit Reference Guide

Camp Cards

Every Spring, Scouts sell Camp Cards — “snap apart” cards containing a variety of valuable discount offers at local businesses. There is no risk on your part; unsold cards are simply returned to the council. Your commitment level will be similar to the popcorn sale.
2020 Unit Commitment Form Here
2020 Camp Card Sale Guide
Scouts Who Sold Over 25 Cards, ENTER HERE

Camp Card Sale Update

Dear Camp Card Volunteer,

We hope that you and your families are doing well and staying safe. Below is the latest update pertaining to the Camp Card Sale and the Council Service Center:

1. In-person Camp Card sales may begin June 1 and will run through June 30.

2. If your Scouts wish to sell, they must have approval from their unit leader and the locations they wish to sell at.

3. All show-n-sell locations will be limited to 6 or less people including adults.

4. Food City remains postponed for door-front sales by all youth organizations. We will inform you if and when this changes.

5. All door-to-door sales will be limited to 4 or less people including adults.

6. The Lewis M. Sansom Scout Center will open May 12, 2020 for curbside service for anyone who needs to pick up or drop off cards.

Again, it is very important that each of you share this with your unit leadership and families.  Please direct any questions to your District Executive or Neal Drown at / 865-227-3378.  Thank you for your leadership and patience as we continue to monitor and assess this situation.

Find Scouts Selling in your area HERE.

Good luck and happy selling!


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Your child can join Scouting anytime, although units typically recruit new members near the beginning of the school year. If you’re not already aware of a unit serving your neighborhood,

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or give us a call at the council service center and we’ll be happy to connect you. 

Unit Money-earning Application

If your unit is planning a money-earning project that is not coordinated by the Great Smoky Mountain Council, you must complete an Money-earning Application at least two weeks in advance of the proposed date of the project for approval.

Download the form and guidelines >